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Step away from the spreadsheets. Now your team can collaborate to plan ranges, report the numbers and skyrocket sales, in a beautifully visual app.

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We need to talk about your spreadsheets

Frantically pulling reports and praying to the excel-gods that it’ll all make sense in the Monday trade meeting, is no way to start the week. 

We’re not popping excel’s balloon, but trends could have taken off (and come back into fashion) by the time you’ve finished all that number crunching. 

Style Arcade pulls everything (and we mean everything) about your products performance, sales and stock together.

In one place. With pictures.


Sell Loads. Smash goals. High five.

You’ve just discovered fashion retail’s best kept secret

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Like what you see?


What's in it for you


Balance your buying.

Forget running out of stock or mega-markdowns, get your range and sizing right, first time. Every time.


Dig into the data.

Take your reporting from bland to handstand, with less time spent creating reports and more time making sales-smashing decisions.


Collaboration across the nation (and beyond).

Connect the team on a simple, fun and intelligent tool. Then let the inspiration and ideas flow like matcha latte.

Did we mention?

It’s Visual!

When range planning with numbers is one thing,  but seeing your products visually is everything.


Over 300 teams across 4 countries plan their range visually and smash sales goals with Style Arcade.

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The app that makes life so easy you'll want to marry it

Can your current system *cough* (spreadsheet) tell you when you’re about to sell out? Or which products are selling super well together? Or even if your customers hate fuchsia, but don’t mind blush? 

Didn’t think so. But Style Arcade can!

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Fuel your growth

Confidence in your sizes, colours, style and quantities like never before.
Spot opportunities, jump on trends and keep your best sellers sellin’


Nail your future

The office pinboard has gone digital. Designers, planners, buyers and marketers unite, to curate a creative & commercially balanced product range.

... Plus, it only takes 30 minutes to be up and running if you're on Shopify.

I love Style Arcade. The most valuable aspects of the tool is that it's refreshed daily, photos of the product, ease of use and the information stored. It has saved myself and my team, numerous hours pulling many different reports to get the same information.
I can no longer do my job without Style Arcade and I feel that I have a significant advantage amongst other competitors having access to this tool.

- Tania Cisneros, Buyer

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Ready for revolutionary software so good you'll want to marry it?


Style Arcade is for you, even if...

Your business isn’t a big brand name (yet).

Perfect, we build this software for all business shapes and sizes, especially yours. 

Budgets are tight, right?

We don’t charge by user, it’s one flat rate. Want everybody in there? Great! We won't charge you for it. Unlimited users, training and continued support.

Getting buy-in from the wider team?All. Too. Hard.

We’ll work with you to demonstrate the use case to your boss, colleagues and stakeholders.

You need to be sure of the value.

Our customers see an average of 5.2x back in ROI. Some as high as 8.1x.

You read that right.

Integrations Style Arcade plays perfectly with

of our users would be ‘completely devastated’ if they never got to use Style Arcade again*

* User survey (May 2019)

Use Cases

Let's talk about how Style Arcade can make your life easier if you are a...

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