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Roolie x Style Arcade Case Study

Clear insights. Confident actions.
Best sales on record.

How Roolie gained clarity on their business to make decisions that drive growth

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To accelerate sales by clearly identifying growth opportunities and acting on insights with confidence 


Loss of time and extra effort - Having the data available but not able to consolidate it conveniently into one place requiring more time and resource to connect it all

Difficulty generating insights - Not being able to understand product performance and to easily slice data to support in-season trade and future buying decisions

 Transparency on sizing - staying on top of size sellouts is challenging and hard to isolate with traditional tools and systems




  • One source of truth - using Style Arcade, Muscle Republic is able to instantly connect the dots between stock, sales & purchase orders, identifying an opportunity that led to +141% year-on-year sales growth in a core category

  • Exclusive sizing smarts - helped Muscle Republic refine their buys and saw sizing accuracy increase to 92% in a key Women's category. Quickly and painlessly assess size curves over any time frame, identify broken-sized products, what size broke first and WHEN to make better decisions to buy the right curve.

  • Immediately highlight actionable insights, like which best sellers need to be reordered now to avoid selling out and capitalize on high performing product



Increased sales growth in key Core category


Increased sales
over 6 months


Sizing accuracy improvement to 92% in 3 months 


Improved % in product freshness



Clarity of range through imagery - plan and buy with agility and accuracy to take advantage of product level opportunities

 Insights at your fingertips - instantly access the information that matters and be available in multiple formats for all

 Empower the team - get time back for making better decisions by reducing time spent pulling data from multiple sources and crunching numbers

End to end product - turn product learnings from Fashion Analytics into data-backed buying actions in The Range Plan and buy for growth


Understanding what is going on with our product ranges is so seamless with Style Arcade.
Having the right information at our fingertips and being able to plan visually in The Range Plan are
invaluable to our continued growth.

Rhian Howells_MuscleRepublic_profilepic_.png

Rhian Howells

Designer and Production Manager, Muscle Republic

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