No more excel and generic BI tools.

Superior analytical intelligence and visual sophistication.

Utilise your product performance data to fuel your future growth.

Advanced Product Analytics Intelligence



product performance

Product performance

  • Rich product performance analytics alongside extensive product attribution.

  • The essential visuals for understanding the performance of your product range from your customer's perspective.

A highly engaging visual world of insights

take the effort out of...


& respond immediately to...

...urgent re-orders on

core styles, by size

instant trade decisions

which products warrant ...

an extended size range

...which styles have

poor click-through

understand the impact of

under investing

capitalise on your best investments

...which products need to be

marked down

level up

with data today

Connect to Style Arcade and understand your true sales potential

across every channel of your business!





Advanced sizing intelligence

Style Arcade's highest ROI module to date!

Proprietary technology which is able to determine your brand’s true demand by size regardless of buying/allocation error, size sellouts and price influence.

This is one of the most powerful growth levers in fashion retail and its readily accessible within your data.

Business intelligence

Powerful & Flexible Reporting in seconds!

  • Hyper flexible with access to every advanced metric in drag and drop format.

  • Does your cube crash when you do huge queries, like by store & by size? We eat those queries for breakfast, in 4 seconds to be precise : )


model analytics

Model analytics

Increase your conversion rate through images

  • Fuel your ecommerce growth by backing your model choice with your performance data

  • Shooting more product on your highest converting models has a significant impact on sales and conversion rate

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