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See your range plans
and product performance

Play out in a visual story

Digital range planning

Plan your range with ease

Cast your mind to the gazillion spreadsheets you need to plan out a range. Now imagine deleting them all and collaborating in one intelligent, simple, fun, beautiful (we could go on) app. That makes balanced range planning a breeze.

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Digtal Range Planning

Ready, steady, curate

Curate your range to align with *exactly* what your customer wants

Order the right colour, size and style based on past performance

Overstock and understock insights

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Save, share and collaborate

Global offices? WFH? Live sync keeps everyone on the same page

Buyers, Designers, Marketers and Retailers all united and empowered

Create and manipulate your range together, with product pictures


Lights, camera, automation

Scenario modeling takes sooooo much less time with automated range building, so you can spend more time winning at your job

Prep your whole end of season report in less than 3 hours, yep the same one that used to take you 3 days

React to demand at the speed of retail - which as we know never stands still. It moves fast. Very fast

When ranging for future months it's so easy to pull up what was selling this time last year to ensure we have it  covered. It's also great to see what is selling overall in the business and not just the brands that I work on.

Lauren H.

Assistant Buyer


Smart Fashion Analytics

Fuel your growth

Know your numbers with confidence.

The data you need to make target-busting decisions about bringing in more sales, not running out of stock and keeping clear of slashing prices.

All over your morning coffee. 😉

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Fashion Analytics

Get size curves right every time. And repeat.

Know exactly which sizes to buy. Based on data, not feelings.

Find out when and why sizing went wrong. Underbought and sold out in the first week? Overbought and marked it down later in the season? Not any more.

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Spot the over (and under) achievers

Know which product is pulling in profit and which is most returned because... well it’s VITAL information.

Know which products are bought together to create cross-sell opportunities that’ll keep your customers smiling

Get alerts when stock is selling fast and selling out, with data to understand lost profit and how to get on top of it. Stat.

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Win at marketing collaborations

Make quick decisions about whether to run a successful promotion again... or not

Visibility on stock levels so they know what they promote today, won’t run out tomorrow.

Prove ROI on campaigns, choose which products to feature and then track how well they sell

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It has saved myself and my team numerous hours pulling many different reports to get the same information. I can no longer do my job without Style Arcade and I feel that I have a significant advantage amongst other competitors having access to this tool.
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Tania Cisneros


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