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Hello Molly making all the big moves from Self Love to Athleisure

So much more than pretty dresses, today the brand is bold, confident, and not afraid to make a statement.


With travel plans on hold and parties on pause, life in this the Covid era may feel like we’re all idling in neutral for a while. But that doesn’t mean fast fashion brands like Hello Molly have taken their foot off the pedal.


For this online retailer, the challenges of Covid have also presented new opportunities – resulting in the launch of their brand new, dynamic activewear range Elette Fit and the debut of a sexy ‘self-love’ category of vibrators and sex toys – all at the height of the upheaval.

From humble beginnings in the Waterloo living room of their co-founder in 2012, Hello Molly now boasts an online community of 1.6 million followers across Facebook and Instagram alone, drops over 100 new styles every week and has shoppers in 130 countries.

Operations Manager Ena Eaton describes the typical Hello Molly customer as a “social butterfly who has a jam-packed weekend and a full social schedule,” so when government-mandated lockdowns and restrictions hit, she knew it was time for the social butterfly brand to spread their wings.


a Style Arcade Case Study

“We definitely acknowledged it wasn’t a time to focus so much on sales,” she told Style Arcade. “We're self-aware enough to realize that our customers may have bigger things to worry about right now than cute dresses. So we made sure we were supporting them in other ways.

I think that it’s important for any brand to accept that your customers are scared right now, they’re being cautious in their spending,” she adds. “It keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind so in brighter days when we all come out of this together they’ll keep coming back to you.”

“... we made sure we were supporting them in other ways.”

HelloMolly made the conscious decision not to bombard customers with “buy this” marketing, but instead focus on offering their extensive social media-base some respite via interactive competitions, entertainment and a full schedule of Instagram live shows “that had nothing to do really with selling goods” such as a ‘paint with us’ event and a DJ session.

“It was so lovely to see how happy it made everybody at a time that maybe people aren’t smiling as much as they used to”.