Add Images (sketches and/or swatches)

Visually assort your range. Create outfits. Create visual merchandising plan

Last year best sellers performance data to ensure capitalise on successes

Reconcile to Budget (units, cost, RRP)

Real time budget & forecast tracking

Balance Range

(category, colour mixes)

Balance the range. Scenario modelling by channel, location & store grade

Track Delivery Dates

Real time delivery updates automated from ERP

Export Orders by Store by Size for PO creation

Simple import and export of data and reporting

Purchase orders flow automatically into Range Plan attached to each Style 

Automated customised order creation template for your business

Reconcile PO's (flags variances for approval)

Reconcilliation of purchase orders. Instant error identification

Track & report in
Statuses & Stage (Delivered, On Order)

Real time tracking of deadlines and order stage

Scenario model future ranges & plan changes (drag and drop)

Make instant changes and model of your range

Create & Collaborate (marketing activity, visual merch, store lookbooks)

Collaboration. Seamless workflow.

Visualise & Balance your range

Automate & Reconcile your purchase orders

Create Product Hierarchy (categories, colours, collections)

Visual. Balanced. Automatically calculating your spend vs budget as you build.

Load Budgets (any level of the product hierarchy)

In depth budget tracking By Store, By Category, by ASP, by Avg Depth

Create Option Plan (units, Cost, RRPs)

Rich product attribution for enhanced data and reporting

Collaboration for the entire team

how it works

the Range Plan process and how it integrates with your existing ERP and PLM 




Whether you’re an omni-channel or pure play fashion business, Style Arcade will help you achieve your optimal data driven growth.

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