Our Story

Redefining fashion retail.
But not in a cliché way.

So many businesses are ‘redefining’ this and ‘disrupting’ that. Then you get the tool that promises the world and it’s: Too complicated to learn. Too expensive to keep. And too limited for everyone to use.


So when we say we’re transforming retail (yep, big call) by empowering you to make the best decisions about your products, we mean it. 


Style Arcade is more than just software.  It’s your business bestie. The tool you can’t live without. The fashion tech company that’s creating a new future of fun and intelligent buying for brands of all sizes.


Been there.
Done that.
Got the excel fatigue to prove it.

We get it. Because we’ve lived it. We’re a team of fashion buyers, merchandise planners and entrepreneurs who live and breathe fashion retail. We built Style Arcade out of frustration, knowing there had to be a better way.  A way without all the reams of printouts, corrupted spreadsheets and late nights. And who knew? Others feel the same frustration. 


Since those early days we have expanded, refined and tweaked, as we listen to what our customers want and need. 


We’re proud to support businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them get their products to market. Sell them faster. And reach their full potential. 


One day all retail will smash goals with Style Arcade. But for now consider us your secret weapon.

profilepic_akacia 1.png
​“Time is your most valuable resource.
Spend less time on manual spreadsheets, and more time making crucial business decisions.”

- Akacia Harkness, Head of Merchandise

Meet the team that's bringing the expertise to rock your retail world


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