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Slide through to faster ordering

Take your stock, future orders and apply smart AI sizing to deliver your perfect buy quantities instantly.

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True rate of sale

Don’t use your regular rate of sale, that doesn’t take into account missed sales from broken sizes.

Start right. Start with our True Rate of Sale that gives you exactly how much each size would sell in a week, based on when the size was instock.


The whole picture at your fingertips

Slide on through and enter how much weeks cover you’d like to order and your leadtime.

We’ll show your current stock on hand and existing future orders, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.


Perfect buy quantities, instantly

We’ll recommend to you the perfect buy to order (by size). Ready for you to send to your supplier or to get signoff by your manager.

All in under a minute.
It really is as easy as that.

Frequently asked questions

The order module is an absolute game changer!
It's invaluable when reordering core products as size reorder is so important in such a fast turning category.

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Georgia Rollin

Buying Manager, Venroy

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