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Market leading
buying & planning software
Build your range faster from anywhere. Your entire fashion process is now digital! Teams can visualise, automate and collaborate online to optimise performance and get closer to market.
The wrong product, inventory and sizing mix decisions can cost you a fortune
The right ones – can transform your profitability!
It’s time to do it right
Perfect your product and size offering, maximise sales and eliminate waste with Retail Express and Style Arcade
Your fully integrated, end–to–end solution
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Style Arcade and Retail Express have collaborated to deliver a game changing solution for the Fashion industry. Combining the operational excellence and data of Retail Express to power the buying and planning engine of Style Arcade.
The result? A fully integrated end-to end solution for your fashion business.
Trusted by these leading brands
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Advanced tools for Apparel & Footwear Retailers
A world first in online collaboration for fashion teams
As emails, pinboards and spreadsheets slow the fashion industry, you're able to stay ahead of the curve operating efficiently and digitally
Maximise sales & profit by improving sizing accuracy
Accurate guidance on exactly what sizes to buy in to avoid missed sales due to selling out of keys sizes early, and avoid unnecessary markdowns incurred from overbuying the wrong sizes
A new level of efficiency and effectiveness
Real-time decision making, getting you closer to market with more accurate and data driven selections. Automating reporting and manual processes opens the business up for growth and scale

One system for all your past,

present and future range decisions

Accurate guidance on exactly what sizes to buy in to avoid missed sales due to selling out of keys sizes early, and avoid unnecessary markdowns incurred from overbuying the wrong sizes
Range plan the visual way
Your all-in-one, visual solution for option plans, buy plans, OTB tracking and PO reconciliation
Visualise your range by location, market, channel, brand and store grade
No more excel sheets and image pinboards – simply drag and drop products, instantly update deliveries and re-calculate your metrics.
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See your brands true size demand curve
Proprietary technology which is able to determine your brands true demand by size regardless of buying/allocation error, size selouts and price influence.
This is one of the most powerful growth levers in fashion retail but not readily accurate or accessible by traditional spreadsheet methods
Real-time product & sizing insights
Unveil new insights with a few clicks with flexible, visual-based analytics
Identify and quantify lost opportunities due to stock coverage for styles and/or sizes
Get powerful data-driven recommendations and create customised alerts such as fast moving stock to replenish or aged stock to markdown
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Respond immediately to urgent reorders
... on core styles based on lead times
Powerful and flexible analytics
Hyper flexible reports with access to every advanced metric in drag and drop format
Does your data cube crash when you do huge queries like by store and size? We eat those queries for breakfast, in four seconds to be precise :)
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Optimise your eCommerce conversions
Use the power of data to optimise your eCommerce offering
Which styles should be boosted on catalog pages?
Which products have a poor click through rate?
Which products are about to sell out?
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“Style Arcade has unlocked an important piece of our business by giving us visibility on our stock and financial analytics, but also allowing the team to see visuals of incoming stock which has allowed our Marketing and E-Commerce Divisions to plan in a more detailed way.”
Douglas Low | CEO Incu
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Free integration to Retail Express
valid until 31 December 2020
unlimited users
unlimited training
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