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The Range Plan

Build your range faster
from anywhere

Your entire fashion process is now digital! Goodbye spreadsheets!

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“Style Arcade is super easy to use and has given the team so much time back. I’m not sure how any fashion retailer could function without it”
Pip Edwards | Co-Founder & Director | P.E Nation

Visualize your range like never before

See your entire range the way your customer does by country, channel, store and style. Spot your product opportunities or gaps instantly.

Collaborate in real-time, with anyone, anytime, anywhere

Now your team can work in real-time together, from anywhere in the world. Connected to the most up to date changes and collaborating effortlessly.

Automate so you can be creative and strategic

Gain back the headspace to focus on the product

with automated: budget tracking, purchase order reconciliation
& store size allocations.

Get connected within in a matter of days

1. bulk import your buy plan and images

2. connect your purchase orders

3. schedule your training and you’re all set

Unlimited users

Unlimited training & support

Unlimited potential!

Visualise your ranges






store grade

Show me digital range planning!

Your demo will include how to:

  • Instantly upload your Line Sheets/Buy Plans incl. images

  • Automatically allocate units & sizes to your stores

  • Plan your perfect range for options, width and depth

  • Easily import your budgets & track your spend

  • Create rich reporting & range analysis