All-in-one, option plan, buy plan,
& OTB tracking


purchase order reconciliation

Visualise your ranges


Balance your product range both visually and financially

Category mix

vs Budget vs Last Year

Option count

vs Budget vs Last Year

Average depth

vs Budget vs Last Year

Average selling price

vs Budget vs Last Year

Drag and drop 

your range

  • No more excel sheets and image pinboards

  • Shift products and watch all your metrics re-calculate

real time

Tag products

  • By collection, silhouette, sleeve length, marketing campaign, end use, customer profile, colour group, fabric type etc.

  • Complete flexibility in analysing your range




Reconcile OTB automatically

At every level of your hierarchy

  • Connect data from your ERP/e-commerce platform

  • Compare budgets and spend variances by channel, by brand, by store, by category


purchase orders

An effortless workflow

  • Connect your purchase order data/system

  • Instant identification of order discrepancies

Share product 

look-books with

store teams

  • One source of truth between buyers, designers, planners, production and marketing teams

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