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Fashion Buyer

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Merchandise Planner

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Ecommerce Manager

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Business Owner

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Fashion Buyers


Buyers, rejoice. You no longer have to suffer for your art in excel.

We’ve been called the ‘buyers bible’ and a ‘dream come true’ because we’ve taken range planning out of the spreadsheet and into a beautifully, glorious visual app. What a time to be alive.

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Buyers love Style Arcade because

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Everything you need in one click.

Forget having 5 different tabs (or more) open to see a whole picture of product performance. We've put it all in one place.

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Get on with your day (minus the reporting)

No more pings for you to pull this report for marketing. Or that stat for planning. Or the other result for the MD. Everyone has access to Style Arcade.

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When I log onto my computer, the first thing I do is open Style Arcade and check how we traded the day before. It's great to have a visual, as well as a numerical understanding of trade.

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Maja Gasiorek


Merchandise Planner


Style Arcade does all the stuff that makes your job easier.

Imagine doing your job with a powerhouse of product knowledge behind you. Imagine if you knew exactly which sizes and ranges your customer wants, without second-guessing your numbers. Imagine if you could spot and jump on trends instantly.

That’s you living your best life with Style Arcade in your corner.

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Planners love Style Arcade because

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Size matters

Buy your sizes based on actual sales data and not some ancient curve from 2 seasons ago, or worse gut-feel vibes.

Keep up with all the trends

It uses a traffic light system to show you how fast or slow a product is selling in its first or last weeks trade. So you immediately know whether you need to take action (or not).

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I can’t work without Style Arcade, it allows me to quickly pull all reporting I need so that I spend more time analysing and implementing changes. I rely on Style Arcade fully for my weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and I have full confidence that I can always get exactly what I need from the system.

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Kayleigh Dawe

Senior Merchandise Planner


Ecommerce Manager


Your e-comm wingman has arrived.

When your day-to-day involves doing just about everything to make sure the online store is running like clockwork, maximising sales and promoting products - you need a tool that does just about everything to help.

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Ecommerce Managers love Style Arcade because

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Actionable insights

Merchandise webpages based on top performers and what's in stock, so you make quick decisions and skyrocket sales.

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Illustrate your impact

Instantly see the impact from your promotions or latest campaigns. Get the most bang for your marketing buck, after that it’s ROI or die.

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E-Commerce is too fast paced and competitive to be managed without intelligent software. This is why we switched to Style Arcade, it provides us with incredible efficiencies and an edge in the market.

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Brogan Ruytenberg

Senior Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager

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Business Owners


Whether you’re a big brand, or an emerging label, it’s impossible to make good business decisions with bad processes.

You need quick access to the numbers in between meetings or on the commute. You need to jump on opportunities as soon as they appear. You need to give your business the chance to reach its full potential. And that’s why you need Style Arcade.

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Business owners love Style Arcade because

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Your finger on the pulse

Stay on top of the sales, stocks, budgets and performance across your business. All in one place. Without waiting for someone to put an update together for you.

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Empowered to achieve

Your team will love the easy collaboration, your customers will love the product range and you’ll discover that happy customers + a happy team = a happy life

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The automated intelligence, analytics and insights offered by Style Arcade is unparalleled. Any retailer not using Style Arcade is at a significant competitive disadvantage.

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Chris Buchanan


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