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“Time is your most valuable resource.
Spend less time on manual spreadsheets, and more time making
crucial business decisions.”

Akacia Harkness

Head of Merchandise | AJE

We recently touched base with Akacia Harkness, Head of Merchandise at Aje to understand how The Range Plan has improved her range planning process.

What was your range planning process prior to The Range Plan?


It consisted of 3 huge spreadsheets that the team and I were continuously having to reconcile


In range review meetings with the GM & CEO any manipulation to the range would require a full re-work of the spreadsheets before any decisions could be made

What were the key obstacles in your old manual way of range planning?


Lack of visibility on future product ranges for Marketing, PR, Retail & Store teams


Unable to visualise ranges by channel (online vs retail) and store


Time spent on compiling spreadsheets left little time for decision making

What were the results after implementing The Range Plan in to the business?


The Range Plan has saved me 20% of my week! I am no longer reconciling spreadsheets


It's the first time the whole business has been able to get visibility of the range in one place from design to production, merchandising & marketing


I can easily identify risks & opportunities within my ranges, now with everything being visual I can easily spot styles that may be tricky or gaps that I can quickly capitalise on


It's so easy to manipulate the range and make decisions on the spot in regards to category contributions, checking that the range is cohesive and reconciling back to budgets

The Range Plan is a web-based digital range planning software, enabling teams to create and manipulate their product ranges visually and in real time.

Gone are the days of creating pin boards of ranges, which are out of date 1 minute after they are painstakingly setup.

The Range Plan allows global fashion retailers to work remotely and collaborate in real time on their product ranges.

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