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We answer the most frequently asked questions about Style Arcade. Have a question that’s not covered below? Chat to our team to learn more.


Style Arcade is analytics software for fashion brands and retailers, powering smarter product decisions by combining data science, AI and visual imagery. We help businesses buy better, trade more efficiently and unlock growth and profit through:

• Transforming your entire product cycle with digital range planning, instant post-season and in-trade analysis, automating all buying and planning trade processes

• Forecasting product depth and size demand, calculating exactly which products and sizes to invest in across your channels, brands or regions

• Seamlessly integrating with your systems to create one source of truth for omnichannel product and sales channel performance: online, retail, wholesale and marketplaces

• Presenting clear visuals of your product against any data points, plus best-practice retail metrics and Style Arcade exclusive metrics to inform fast trade decisions

• Connecting buying, planning and e-commerce teams to collaborate in real time, removing manual reporting and endless spreadsheets
Style Arcade is broken up into two modules: Fashion Analytics and Range Plan.

With Fashion Analytics, your team will have access to all reporting and analytics, post-season analysis and in-season trading, buy calculator, size calculator, aged inventory tracking and shopify tag management.

Range Plan is available in addition or separately to Fashion Analytics and enables your team to automate, visualize and plan your collections in one place.
• Inventory management
• Retail reporting and analytics
• Automate trade and merchandising reports
• Calculate reorder & size quantities
• Digitize range plans
• Predict opportunities and risks in your inventory
• Collaborate cross-functionally to plan your business
Style Arcade allows for unlimited users and we will not charge you per user, which means your whole team can use the platform.
Style Arcade can be used by every part of your fashion business, from buyers to store managers, however, these are the users logging the most screen time in Style Arcade:
• Buyers
• Planners
• Merchandisers
• eCommerce managers
• Business Owners
• Finance managers
• Marketing managers
• Product Developers
• Production Managers
• Designers
• Wholesale Managers
• Retail Managers
Yes, absolutely! Style Arcade works with both retailers and brands of all sizes. Whether you are a vertical brand or stock hundreds of brands, Style Arcade can provide you with fast, dynamic and visual insights and recommendations across your entire business.
Yes, Style Arcade specializes in omni-channel analytics and provides advanced reporting and recommendations specific to any of your retail, online, marketplace or wholesale channels.


Style Arcade can integrate with any system or data source that has an open API, or can map data fields onto an Excel spreadsheet. Style Arcade integrates with your:
• ERP and Inventory Management Systems
• Ecommerce Platforms and Marketplaces
• POS Systems
• PO Management Systems
• Ecommerce solutions eg returns and analytics platforms
Yes, Style Arcade can advise you on formatting best practices in Excel so we can easily ingest your data from spreadsheets.
All Style Arcade needs in order to get started is stock data, sales data and images. Most brands house this data in their ERP or their ecommerce platform.
Style Arcade’s Terms and Conditions, located in your contract, outline exactly how Style Arcade uses your stock and sales data. Style Arcade does not share your data with any external parties, unless mutually agreed upon by the client and the data recipient. In order to access your data, you would need a user login to Style Arcade. Style Arcade has 2-factor login authentication for all users and under no circumstances will one customer's data be shared or accessible to another customer or any external party.


Style Arcade’s pricing model is based on data volumes and data source integrations. We measure this using your estimated annual sales orders and number of data sources. For a pricing estimation, chat to our team!
If your eCommerce site is built on Shopify, you can log in to Style Arcade within 48-72 hours. It takes 4 weeks of storing sales & stock data for our algorithms to start making accurate predictions and forecast inventory quantities. All other data sources will take 2-8 weeks for our team to build an integration.
Our support team of ex-buyers, planners and ecommerce specialists are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the platform with training and support throughout your on-boarding, plus ongoing in-app support and live chat.
Style Arcade has offices in Sydney, New York City and London.
All you need to do to get started with Style Arcade is provide our Brand Success team with access to your eCommerce site. We will then schedule a kickoff call with one of our Brand Success Directors and move into training sessions to start learning about how to get the most out of Style Arcade. To learn more about our onboarding process, book in a discovery call with our team!