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Blue Bungalow x Style Arcade Case Study

Effective fashion buying
for eCommerce growth

How Blue Bungalow was able to grow their sales by making informed buying decisions and FAST



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To easily identify opportunities for growth in both category and sizing within the business, and confidently make data-driven product decisions



Tracking accurate performance of fast moving styles is both time consuming for the team and challenging in Excel


• As a high demand brand Blue Bungalow was selling out of their best sellers in just one week and often in days

The performance of these styles was so fast they needed software to analyse the ideal purchase quantities in order to capitalise on this high demand

​• The lack of visuals to support the text attributes slowed decision making and weakened the creative element

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Buying with confidence

• By using Style Arcade, Blue Bungalow was easily able to identify a key opportunity to increase the units purchased by +16% in their highest demand category


• By knowing exactly which sizes these additional purchase units should be ordered in, Blue Bungalow aligned their customer's sizing demand perfectly to their ordering

• Utilising Style Arcade to easily increase their order quantities and buy with confidence, knowing that the sales opportunity had been accurately quantified  

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Identify category opportunities​

• Additionally by using Style Arcade, Blue Bungalow were able to identify an opportunity in cardigans, which resulted in +261% growth in one quarter


• By then increasing the depth of their A grade options in cardigans by +100%, Blue Bungalow were able to further increase revenue by +357% in one quarter




Blue Bungalow has been able to fuel sales growth by using Style Arcade to instantly identify sales opportunities not visible in other tools, and understand exactly which size to invest in for the most return.


increase in high

demand category


new category



increase revenue

on A grade options 



Instant insights = immediate actions based on ever changing sales trends "which simply would not have been surfaced in Excel"


Increased buying accuracy – armed with the ideal purchase quantities, by category, product, price point, size and colour, the team measurably increased their product hit rate and sell throughs


Supports the whole team – eCommerce, Marketing & Buying are able to be strategic cross departmentally. Product information is retained in one source of truth, so new team members can get up to speed faster

Improved sizing accuracy – using recommended size curves improves sizing accuracy to maximise the full price sales and reduce markdowns

Automation - paired with Peoplevox, a specialist warehouse management system, the team is able to deliver a superior customer experience.


If you're not using Style Arcade, you're either sacrificing speed or accuracy in your buying decisions. 

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Emma Filliponi

Head of eCommerce & Marketing

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