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How White Fox takes full advantage of technology
to scale phenomenal growth in 2020

"Style Arcade opened up significant growth and profitability upside for us by highlighting product range opportunities within key markets.
None of us had anticipated the huge impact that this would have until the results started to come in."

Daniel Contos

Founder & Director | WHITEFOX




To fully potentialise international market growth. One of the biggest levers to optimise is the product assortment, to cater it precisely to each customer segment and market.

In other words, planning and curating the product range to directly align to the market demand in seasonality, category mix, price points, depth of buy and width of range.



To execute a range which is perfectly aligned to each market was incredibly difficult and time consuming to plan and visualise in spreadsheets. It prevented the team from being able to fully capitalise on the growth, as well as being able to answer the essential question of 'What is the true sales potential for the brand?'



Implementation of Style Arcade Fashion Analytics & Range Plan. Enlisting Style Arcade's merchandise expertise to accurately assess and quantify the true sales potential of the business.

The White Fox team then executed these data driven recommendations to leverage each of their key markets' opportunities and setup new escalated growth targets. Buying decisions were being data driven and aligned directly to the demand. Full results were then assessed 12 months later.




improvement in
international profitability


increase in
international average order value


reduction in


return rate


YOY growth
in just one


Greater speed to market – insights & automation enabling speed and agility to react to the demand, no matter how rapidly this changed


Increased buying accuracy – armed with the ideal purchase quantities, by category, product, price point, size and colour, the team measurably increased their product hit rate and sell throughs


Improved sizing accuracy - using recommended size curves improved sizing accuracy to maximise the full price sales and reduce markdowns


Complete range visibility in through imagery - quickly identifying and actioning every product opportunity/risk across all facets of the range in each market


Entire team collaborating in one system in real-time - from buying, planning, design, production and marketing, the teams were enabled with real-time tracking and analysis on their range, ensuring alignment and optimal execution



"With Style Arcade, we're able to achieve a far greater level of accuracy and analysis in planning for each market."

- Daniel Contos, Founder & Director

The Range Plan is a web-based digital range planning software, enabling teams to create and manipulate their product ranges visually and in real time.

Gone are the days of creating pin boards of ranges, which are out of date 1 minute after they are painstakingly setup.

The Range Plan allows global fashion retailers to work remotely and collaborate in real time on their product ranges.

Find out exactly the impact
Style Arcade will have for your business now!

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