How to break the discount cycle

Your definitive guide to overcoming retail’s biggest problem: inventory management.

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Insights from the experts
There’s no doubt a well-executed markdown strategy can support profits, but reactive, ongoing discounts hack into your margins, lower your revenue and condition customers to wait for sales (the big ones).

In this playbook, you’ll get exclusive insights from Smart In Planning’s Susan Martin, along with Style Arcade's expert advice about how to get in control of your pricing and protect margins with effective planning and inventory management - while giving your customers what they want.
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Strategies to start using today
You’ll receive step-by-step guides on how to:

• Stop relying on reactive discounting and flash sales to meet trade and sales targets

• Use merchandise planning as your secret weapon to combat frequent markdowns and sale periods

• Learn how your e-commerce retention initiatives have a much larger impact on inventory management than you think

• Implement effective methods of clearing stock when you're facing a looming aged stock problem
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