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  • Writer's pictureMichaela Wessels

8 Part Series: Key pitfalls of Range Planning (don't overlook these bad boys!)

Great brands, outstanding collections and epic seasons have been won and lost on the field of range planning.

Range Planning is a true combination of art and science, and the search for the ultimate balance of the two is the #goal for the season. And since we can't extract decades of experience into just the one blog series we decided to focus on some of the key mistakes to avoid when planning out a range.

We are also including some industry stories from behind the scenes that will likely invoke a laugh (or eye roll ;) if you're also in this unpredictable game of fashion.

"Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously." - Karl Lagerfeld

We hope you find these posts thought-provoking and do send us your top topics that you'd like to hear more about and we'll be sure to round up the right people to collaborate on it for you!

This 8 part Range Planning series is dedicated to the incredible team of buyers and planners who have helped put their experience into words. Collectively we can all learn from each other, because why make a fashion mistake that’s already been made? (Unless of course, it's slouchy suiting ala the 80's, make that "mistake" over and over again I say!)

Part 1 of 8: Forgetting to look over your shoulder

Part 2 of 8: Blindsided by Colour