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  • Writer's pictureJacalin Ding

Save views 2.0 - Super charge your workflow

Save view is one of the most frequently used features on Style Arcade. Makes sense, why else would you save them if you weren't going to use them all day everyday right? 😉

Now with Save view 2.0, we're going next level and we've added some new exciting updates to speed up your workflow:


1. Quick access to all of your saved views

One single click to save a view, or access all of your saved views


2. Now you can give your saved view a description

Yasss descriptions! 👏 So you don't have to trawl through all your views trying to find that one report you need RIGHT NOW


3. In "Saved views" location, organise views into folders by drag and drop

Group reports by anything you choose, such as by brand or by task (hellooo end of season! 👀)


4. While you're in a saved view page, one-click to review other views in the same folder

Makes for quick switching between Monday trade reports #oneclickbaby


5. Search the view you need to get to it quickly

Quit the scrolling, type and find your report in seconds ⏱


6. Filter saved views screens

So you remember that view you need was a rollup but can't remember its name? Use the filter tabs to help you find it faster.


7. Editing saved views

Made some changes to a saved view? You can save over the existing view, save as a new view, Rename it or Move it to a different folder location.