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Every great collection starts with a solid game plan

Knowing exactly how many styles to buy, how many units to purchase PLUS balancing profit and pricing can be overwhelming. 

So, don't guess.  Know. 


Use our free option plan template and start buying confidently today.

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Created by experienced retail experts previously at

What's in the template

A step by step option plan spreadsheet that provides guidance on key metrics such as:


Buy Units

Know your ideal number of styles and the volume of units to buy

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Category Spend

How much to invest by category,
so you never overspend in the wrong category

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Know your ideal number of styles and the volume of units to buy

Achieving results for brands like

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Achieved triple-digit growth in international profitability and 6x YOY in one category alone.


By using Style Arcade's Range Plan, Aje was able to save 20% of their week.


 Achieved a $60k profit saving in just one category over 12 weeks using Size Curves


Expanded their market share, achieved better sell throughs and boosted their profits by 12%


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