Style Arcade x LaFAURIE Webinar

How to execute a successful retail growth strategy

Hear from French menswear brand Lafaurie on how to effectively manage cross-border and omnichannel operations when expanding into new regions, and the secrets to achieving international menswear success.

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Featured speakers

Pablo Lafaurie
COO & Director of Operations
Morgan Polinelli
Buying & Planning
Strategy Specialist
Michaela Wessels
CEO & Co-Founder
In this webinar you’ll find:
  • How to create an aspirational brand that’s poised to expand internationally
  • Cross-border insights about the menswear customer and cultural considerations across multiple regions
  • The impact of region and retail presence on CLTV and the value of a data-led approach to omni-channel
  • How to overcome the challenges of range planning across different hemispheres and seasonalities
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